Blast Doors from £1830 ex works

  Protection against high pressure explosive blasts .... 

Government and Defensive buildings, Concrete Bomb Shelters and steel shelters.

Blast doors for high pressure explosive blasts


   Designed to withstand blast waves from a large conventional or nuclear device detonation. 



 Four inches of high strength concrete encased  in  reinforced steel and secured with four high blast clenching devices.

   The standard door size is 2000 mm x 820 mm, or a size of choice.   Blast doors for high pressure explosive blasts

    Protect your shelter from high pressure blast rebounds that can suck a door from out of its frame.

    Built to withstand above 34 bar blast load with a 1.2 bar rebound load.

   Weights ..... 0.75 metric tons empty ... 1.5 metric tons filled


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