Dudleys Grade 1 free standing units from National Safes ...


Vault Doors vault rooms 

With a cash rating up to 10K more insurance cover than the grade 0 is offered to our customers.

The heat activated door seal NT017: gives 30 minutes fire protection: (paper). 

The 31mm 3 way moving bolts secure the door into the body with fixed rear dogging bolts.

Standard locking is a single 8 lever double bitted keylock fitted to a live anti explosive device.

 This unit is fitted with 1 shelf .

Base fix points as standard.



Unit information
Model External Internal Weight Volume Price
DE1/1 487Hx487Wx454D 355Hx355Wx273D 170 kg 34 ltrs £664.00
DE1/2 615Hx437Wx466D 483Hx437Wx466D 190 kg 40 lts £713.00
DE1/3 716Hx551Wx605D 584Hx419Wx413D 280 kg 94 ltrs £806.00
DE1/4 818Hx564Wx617D 686Hx432Wx425D 350kg 125 ltrs £944.00
DE1/5 1021Hx640xWx712D 889Hx508Dx520W 440 kg 232 ltrs £1085.00

Prices exclude VAT


Bolt down delivery up to size 3 ... Ground floor ... £100.00 ...First floor or basement via stairs £150.00 

On line sales coming soon! 


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Vault Doors vault rooms