Vault Doors

Vault Doors and Gun room Doors sizes are manufactured to customer specifications.


The standard wall opening for most vault doors is 2100 X 900. This gives room for tie bars and grip frames and leaves room for screeding the wall.It gives a clear opening that is 1860 high and 820 wide.


They can be bigger!Vault Doors vault rooms

Pictured is a double door Security point access, part of a twin unit that creates a "vacuum" area where entrants are contained and inspected before being allowed into a highly sensitive area.

The double door, locked using magnetic locks was built  large enough specifically to drive a stacker truck through. Bullet resistant veiwing panels are created within the door structure.   

 National Safes    Vault Doors from the midlands Willenhall West Midlands National Safes

Another double door unit for truck entry to a protected area.


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